Sunday, August 06, 2006

Arc-170 construction process - Step4 (Final)

For the decals step, I've studied each logo, each lines and each graphics to later reproduce them in Paint shop pro, after they were printed on a sheet of decal paper.

The radiators inside the ailerons were printed on 2 surfaces with thinker paper, almost cardboard but acid free. This gave me a thin piece with a lot of details. (little grey wing part on right of the picture).

For the ailerons installation, I had to use a small jig to hold them in place. It was important to have a perfect angle between the 4. For the ones on the underside of the wings I used the same technique but only holding the model upside down, it was done by holding it from its vertical pole, because putting the first 2 little ailerons made the model very fragile.

The dirt was painted by using the dry brush technique. Paint is wiped from the Brush with a towel before applying it to the model.

Final results, with a closer look.

Like said earlier, if you have any specific questions about this construction or for any other matter, don’t hesitate to send a comment from the link below.

Here's a link with other pictures taken during the construction process. ARC-170

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I hated most of the prequels ships,but your models are still cool !

Animek said...

I hope you don’t hate the Republic Gunship; it will probably be one of my next subjects to build.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I hated the prequels and pretty much all of the concepts,but the Gunship was one of the better ones ! :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

There's a Star Wars Fan film some guys are making has a cool design that you may like to try modelling.

Animek said...

Thanks but I did not even finish my own design from a 1988 construction.
See design chapter lower.

So I think I will stay with what's from my “to do” list.

I went to look at the link and, yes the design is good looking.
Thanks for the link.