Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tiny Astronaut figure - Step 8 (Photography)

I got some emails requests on how to photograph such a tiny models.

I could say the technique is all in the lights, but the camera settings has a lot to do with the results also.

I got some ideas from the following sites.
Light box / light tent
Photographing miniatures
Indoor photography
DIY lightbox

Basically I've chosen a “no flash” setting with the macro option enable on my Canon A95, the macro setting is usually represented by a tulip logo.
Without the direct reflection of lights, with the help of the paper rolls over the neon’s, you have a crisper image quality. But you must use a steady hand or a tripod for such a low light setting.

So basically it is done with the following points only.
- Paper light filtering (just 2 sheets of paper rolled)
- No flash
- Macro setting
- No hands shaking allowed.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice !!

Animek said...

Thanks, I'm currently reading more on miniature painting to improve my skills.
When I’ll have more time I will try to improve the looks a little.

Oceaneer99 said...

Thank you for the photography tips, Animek!